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Additional income and a way to be more secure are topics for a lot of folks these days. But a career change does seem risky. Taking out our last bit of savings years ago to launch our business was a real "gut check." But you don't have to do it like we did. We've built a model that lets you get into the business gradually or part-time so you can learn and still get paid well without becoming a broker. Of course, there's also a way to become a full-time broker. Either way, there are growth dynamics of this industry that will persist for decades. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are over eleven million privately owned businesses in the United States. Approximately one in five of those will be sold during the next year. This will result in the transfer of ownership involving more than two million businesses. That is a staggering opportunity! And over 90% of those are opportunities for business brokers.

You might feel that you have some skills that would be a good fit, but may be lacking others. For the right candidates, we provide training, tools, mentoring, a supportive community of fellow brokers and hands-on-experience. You provide hard work and a positive attitude. We'll help you determine if this industry fits you well, and determine a strategy to make it happen.

How much does a broker make? It can be very significant. What does it cost to get started? It depends on the strategy you choose. Contact Us to learn more about the best strategy for you and how it can supplement your current income or provide a completely new career - anywhere in the U.S..