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Founded in 1999, Union Thunder, Inc. is focused on providing the services that make buying and selling a business successful, and improving the performance of those businesses both before and after the sale.

Timothy Prater is the Founder and President of Union Thunder, and prior to founding the company, he held a number of senior business consulting positions over the years including Principal Managing Consultant, Practice Manager, and Director, serving clients ranging from startups to the Fortune 50. In addition to business brokerage services, he has personally provided management consultation in business strategy development, methodology development, business development, market analysis, business architecture, information technology, and business plan execution.  Equally comfortable working with clients at both the entrepreneur and executive level, he is known as a champion for the benefits of business integration and “excellence” as a continuous standard in our performance for our clients.

Of particular note, Mr. Prater is the creator of the LEGIST multidimensional architecture model for the analysis, design, and maintenance of enterprise architectures. This model specifies the six foundational architectures of any organization and their real-time interdependencies. This is coupled with executable methods and tools for managing the complexity of the enterprise that results from existing architectural fragmentation, and overcomes the resulting pressure to continue a pattern of architectural “point solutions” that quietly consume significant business value.  He is also the creator of the Architectural Maturity Model (AMM) for defining and developing increasing levels of capability achieved by improving the maturity of an organization’s architectures. Both methods are built upon the “systems thinking” discipline, and utilize the principles of architectural fractals to allow scalability from the department level through the enterprise level. This groundbreaking work is a key differentiator in the benefits we can bring to any client's business performance - before, after, or even if there is no sale!

Mr. Prater is also a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy - and majored in Astronautical Engineering (yes, that means a rocket scientist!). He is proud to have served in the Air Force in Special Operations, and retired from the Air Force Reserve in 1996.

And the name "Union Thunder?" It reflects our appreciation for living in this great nation - this Union of 50 States. And it also expresses our conviction that only by addressing all the dimensions of any challenge and providing an integrated solution, can we achieve powerful, thundering results for our clients!

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