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Dozens of new MILLION DOLLAR OPPORTUNITIES LISTED THIS WEEK! Summary and Report shows only companies for sale that pay their owner $1 MILLION or MORE PER YEAR. CLICK HERE for the FREE SUMMARY       Or      CLICK HERE for the FREE SAMPLE REPORT   Or           CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE FULL REPORT.

Not your typical broker ...Founded in 1999, Union Thunder, Inc. is a full service business broker - but not your typical broker. For Sellers we offer full representation, shared representation, and FSBO assistance services - all with fees that fit your situation and the flexibility to use our services how you want – even sometimes not using us exclusively. And we are uniquely skilled as business consultants to help achieve cost savings and maximum performance. We analyze existing business stress points and collaborate with our clients to design improved processes, organizational structure, governance, etc; to produce increased revenue, cost savings, or cost avoidance. We have assisted a wide variety of clients from small businesses, to Fortune 50 clients, and the U.S. Space Program. For Buyers we offer full and shared search and acquisition services to find your ideal business.  We can do the tedious, hard work of finding and aggregating business listings for you, even if they are not our own listings. And we provide for you weekly updates as well as opportunity verification, qualification, and documentation for those you choose to pursue. We are not your typical brokers.

We are members of the largest business broker network in the nation with access to thousands of business listings and qualified buyers. We can help you:
     -  Determine how marketable your business is
     -  Appraise the value of your business
     -  Prepare your business for sale                                                            
     -  Find a business you'd like to purchase
     -  Find a business you'd like to invest in
     -  Sell your business
     -  Finance the purchase of a business
     -  Complete post-sale business planning or transition activities 

We are located in Houston, TX and serve business buyers and sellers across Texas and throughout the US. And we are particularly noted for our integrity & personal service . One of our clients interrupted our breakfast meeting to proclaim, "You're not like all the other brokers I've met - just posting a listing on the internet. You work hard at really helping your clients be successful - like a personal consultant!"

We are professional consultants. You will see that in everything we do - and it is noted by our partners - and our competitors.