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You know there are some rough areas in your business. Trust us, there is more to improve than you think. It's not that you have a bad operation, but the issues grow over time, like barnacles on the bottom of a yacht. We haven't seen it all but we've seen a lot. We've consulted for Fortune 50 companies and the U.S. Space program, and you are not alone. Our experience as business management consultants provides a significant dimension to our services that others do not possess. This translates into greater profit for you.

We start with the symptoms, then diagnose the root cause, and lastly design corrective actions - just like a doctor. Process is "king" - and by using your expert knowledge, and asking the appropriate business process improvement questions, we are able to identify the underlying root issues, and devise creative solutions for them. Our proprietary business process analysis methodology begins by creating a business process chart, or detailed work breakdown business process flow, to identify improvement opportunities. These are then bundled together into specific initiatives for achieving process improvement profit through new revenue streams, cost savings, or cost avoidance. The goal is improving workflow process for performance improvement. Is it effective? We can offer a number of examples of prioritizing process improvement activities - like eliminating the $10 million non-value-added process at an aerospace company; or overcoming a software deployment problem at a securities trading firm that five previous projects were unable to solve; or the vendor delivery process that cost the semiconductor manufacturer $400 several times each day.

Click on this superb book by Jim Collins for a selection of practical and inspiring books that we recommend to clients. UNION THUNDER BUSINESS LIBRARY

We also take a holistic approach (using our proprietary LEGIST methodology) that leverages the business process model as the context for addressing five other dimensions of your business architecture - for example, your guidance & control architecture. Most companies are shocked when we demonstrate how very few of their processes are adequately controlled - and the impact that has on quality. We are pragmatic in that we understand that improving performance is a journey, not a one-time event. We fully believe that there are stages of process improvements, culminating in continuous improvement process implementation. We identify where you are on that continuum using our proprietary Architecture Maturity Model (AMM), and then help you progress one level at a time. And we take the complex and make it simple, but enlightening. Many of our clients comment on how unburdened and creative they are as a result of their newfound clarity of processes they had followed for years.

It may not be time to sell the company yet, but it's always time to improve performance. Those improvements increase the bottom-line now and the value of the company when you sell. Contact Us to hear more about how we've helped others and how we can help you. Tell us where you're feeling the pain, big or small, and we'll get right to work on it. And ask about the special rates we have for our consulting clients that also sell their business through us.