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1. Get a sense of the marketability of your company.

2. Appraise the market value of your company.

3. Prepare you company for sale by designing a marketing plan with professional marketing materials (including Blind Profile, Prospectus, web listings, and forms for qualifying buyers, etc.).

4. Execute your marketing campaign, using the internet, print, networking, direct-mail, etc., and respond to buyers inquiries.

5. Continue to operate your business to improve, or at least maintain your financial performance.

6. Negotiate, document, and execute the deal using the appropriate documentation and forms.

7. Support the buyer during due-diligence and perhaps assist them in obtaining financing. Manage the deal process with the buyer, their broker, lenders, and the escrow agent.

8. Coordinate with the escrow agent to close the deal successfully.

You can do this yourself. Honestly. But you must be prepared to work with literally hundreds of possible inquiries, and perhaps several valid offers to get to the final transaction. It will consume a great amount of your time. That's not hype. That's reality. Or you can let us carry the load for you! Call us - and we'll give you a free confidential evaluation of your company's marketability - with no obligation. If we can't help you, we'll tell you so.