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Selling businesses - co-brokering.We are both a partner and a service provider to other brokers. In addition to co-brokering, we provide back office support activities utilizing proprietary tools and processes that maximize marketing activities and interactions with your buyers. These services increase both the volume and the velocity in progressing your prospective buyers to a deal. And we maintain all your buyer data as proprietary and confidential to you. This allows you to step away from the constant, time-intensive phone calling, emails, requests for information, updating documentation,and appointment setting that take away from signing new listings, or showing, negotiating, and closing transactions. It also provides the ability for brokers to maintain a "full-time" client list, with only "part-time" hours.

As a broker, you are aware that many brokers will not cooperate with other brokers (especially in other agencies) to make a sale. We believe it is in the best interest of our clients and our industry to co-broker. If you have a buyer that is interested in one of our listings, we will work with you to complete the transaction successfully. Or if you have a seller and think one of our buyers will be a good match, we will work with you to complete the transaction successfully.

It's very simple. We will share our commission based on the work you do. All we ask is for you to reciprocate in kind. We would like the opportunity to come to you with our new buyers and listings in order to find a successful match, and to have you do the same. As you know, the first place many brokers go with a new opportunity is to their trusted personal network of brokers. We would like to be a part of that network for you, and have you be a part of ours. 

Contact us, and let's get acquainted so we can create a partnership that will benefit our clients and ourselves.