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You may not have a business to sell, or may not be looking to buy one, but you likely know someone that is a business owner that may appreciate some assistance in selling their business. Your friend or relative can benefit from our expertise, and you can receive a referral fee and commission from us as a way of saying "thanks" for helping us to help them! In fact, as soon as they list with us, WE WILL PAY YOU $500.

THEN we pay 10% of the broker's net commission for each referral that results in a completed sale. Your referral commission is paid to you when we receive our commission. There are several factors that determine the commission rate we earn, but it is not unusual for the referral fee to be $10,000 or more! In addition to helping your family members or associates, this is an excellent way to generate an extra "bonus" for yourself, or to create an ongoing revenue source from multiple referrals throughout the year.

It's important to us that your relationship with your friend or relative stay strong, so you can contact us confidentially and we will initiate contact with the business owner without mentioning you. Or with your permission, we will mention you when we contact them. In either case, your fee is not disclosed to anyone without your permission, but it is important that you contact us before the seller contacts us.

Remember, your fee is paid up front, but your commission is paid upon completion of a successful sale. Therefore it is important that you refer businesses that are strong candidates - and we'll help determine that once we contact the Seller. Don't hesitate to Contact Us  with your referrals, and we'll collect the necessary info from you to contact the seller.  When you have a good candidate for referral, Contact Us and we'll collect the necessary info from you to contact the seller.